Jotun Coastal Blue is a calm, soft blue hue which brings harmony and balance to the interior, and complements a palette of cool and greyish tones.

The bluish hue evokes a sensuous scenery, where the soft light is reflected in the dancing blue water surface. 

Here the colour is shown on our iconic AP 2005 CIRCAL® curtain track made of min. 75% reused aluminum and extruded by renewable energy. The installation is mounted on ceiling supports to accentuate the organic shape of the curtain track, which together with the curtain, create both a perfect room divider and room decoration.

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Natural Blue

Washed Linen



Tender Green

With our special lacquering, you are free to choose any colour you may dream of. The colour simply needs to be specified with either a RAL or NCS colour code, or with the name of a wall paint from either Jotun or Nordsjö.

If you wish for a specific colour that the curtain track must match, you can bring it to your curtain specialist, who can then help you find the right colour code.

Basically all our curtain rods and rails can be special lacquered in exactly the colour you want. The profiles are hand-lacquered with gloss 80 wet paint to preserve the lubricity.

Lacquered curtain tracks can also be bent or milled, this is done before lacquering.

Accessories such as brackets and end caps will be lacquered as well whenever possible.

Wet paint costs a guide price of DKK 99 per meter*, which includes end caps and brackets when possible. However, you always pay for a minimum of 6 meters per color (guide price DKK 594).

Lacquering of accessories such as L brackets costs DKK 49 per item (guide price).

Gliders are only available in standard colours.

* Applies to complete curtain rails up to 10 pcs. If you are looking for wet paint lacquering of more than 10 pieces, or for powder coating, please ask our customer service for an estimate.

We can easily create a color match between your chosen curtain fabric and your curtain track. Once you have chosen the curtain fabric, your curtain specialist can help you find a colour that matches.

With thousands of combinations, there is definitely a perfect match to be found.

You can buy Aluproff curtain rods and tracks with special lacquering from your local curtain specialist.