Craftsmanship, Design and Materials

We are 100% committed to curtain rods, tracks & accessories!

With a strong focus on quality, aesthetics and functionality – and always with respect for people and the environment – we are dedicated specialists, who constantly refine and rethink products and processes.

Keeping focus on our core business gives us the opportunity to specialize across the entire product portfolio. You can call us nerds – we take that as a compliment.

At Aluproff we see it as our obligation, not only to deal with, but actively minimize our environmental footprint. Thus, we always strive to provide both efficient and sustainable solutions.

We strive for perfection! Therefore, we place great demands, both on our internal processes and competences, and on our carefully selected subcontractors. We are constantly working on improvements.

Committed to providing the highest quality sustainable products and solutions, we aim for full transparency in the supply chain, and collaborate with only talented and dedicated subcontractors who comply with our high standards and share our core values.

We select and procure our raw materials with extreme care and strive to have our curtain track systems manufactured from the very best materials.

Craftsmanship and Materials



Every year we buy up to 500 tonnes of aluminum, which is extruded on aluminum plants with sustainable production. Aluminum is called the green metal as it is 100% recyclable, long-lasting and suitable for a wide variety of purposes requiring high resilience and low weight.



We have a great knowledge of the raw material plastic. Aluproff is Operation Clean Sweep Ambassador and has pledged to influence the supply chain to zero waste of plastic granules and to prevent plastic from ending up in the sea.



The perfect track is both aesthetic and silent, with optimum glide. To achieve this, surface finish plays an essential role. Our tracks come with either powder coated, anodized or brushed surfaces and our environmentally conscious suppliers are the best in the industry.

Design & product development

design og produktion

Design & product development

For Aluproff, product development and design are core competencies, and we find it crucial to deliver the highest quality products. We love nerding out with functionality and aesthetics, and we constantly strive to make processes and products more efficient and sustainable.



Every single product that leaves our base in Denmark reflects our uncompromising approach to quality, as well as our passion for Danish design and craftsmanship.  70 years of expertise is combined with modern techniques to create innovative, bespoke solutions.