Craftmanship is the noble skill by which standard varieties are refined into unique and personal solutions. According to Gyldendal Lexicon craft is: work performed by hand, where raw materials are processed into finished products.

Inherited know-how and innovative ideas – the craft and product development – are two of the cornerstones of Aluproff. Thus, since the company was established in 1949, the craft, processing, always has been a core competence for Aluproff, and it continues today – possibly to a greater degree than ever before.



Today the 3rd generation family company has evolved into an interior lifestyle brand, that celebrates, create and evolve classic Danish design values. Continuing a legacy of craftmanship and heritage, more than 70-years’ expertise is combined with modern techniques to create innovative and bespoke curtain track solutions.

Based in Brøndby our legacy and proud history of design continues every day as we strive to create modern, bespoke solutions.

Our history, personality and commitment to high quality is reflected in every curtain track that leaves our factory.

Craftmanship, Design and Materials



We have a great knowledge of the raw material plastic. Aluproff is Operation Clean Sweep Ambassador and has pledged to influence the supply chain to zero waste of plastic granules and to prevent plastic from ending up in the sea.



The perfect track is both aesthetic and silent, with optimum glide. To achieve this, surface finish plays an essential role. Our tracks come with either powder coated, anodized or brushed surfaces and our environmentally conscious suppliers are the best in the industry.

design og produktion

Design & product development

For Aluproff, product development and design are core competencies, and we find it crucial to deliver the highest quality products. We love nerding out with functionality and aesthetics, and we constantly strive to make processes and products more efficient and sustainable.



Every year we buy up to 500 tonnes of aluminum, which is extruded on aluminum plants with sustainable production. Aluminum is called the green metal as it is 100% recyclable, long-lasting and suitable for a wide variety of purposes requiring high resilience and low weight.