As we all know, roller gliders have a maximum weight limit, which, if it is exceeded, will cause them to quickly break. One day, CINO Ole Stilling was playing with his grandson's Fidget Spinner. He got the idea to use the small steel ball bearing in the middle of the spinner in a roller glider. [...] More
  • Superellipse curtain track

    The AP 1905 curtain track has a cross section shaped like Piet Hein's famous geometric figure the Superellipse® and carries his logo. Can be made to measure, and as something unique, has both a wide track and a narrow track. As the first and only in the world, the Piet Hein Superellipse curtain track has [...] More
  • Lucia in the color Chrome

    Our popular Lucia deco curtain rods in steel have a minimalist, elegant look that goes well with the Nordic style. With a plethora of different metals and finials, it is possible to get exactly the rod that suits the curtain fabric and interior of the customer. Our Teflon curtain rings ensure quiet and easy operation [...] More

    Our AP 5001 cubicle track has been designed for use in hospitals and clinics, but is also popular as a shower track. It can be bent and made to measure and thus is suitable for technically challenging curtain solutions. The AP 5001 works with both light and heavy curtains and can be installed in both [...] More
  • Piet Hein portrait


    In collaboration with Piet Hein Trading, Aluproff has created the first Piet Hein superellipse curtain track in the world. We are proud to be a part of continuing the Piet Hein legacy and his "poetic design".   Piet Heins famous Superellipse® has been used in town planning, construction and sport stadiums. Piet Hein also used [...] More
  • Google Home


    CONTROL YOUR CURTAINS WITH YOUR PHONE, TABLET OR SMARTWATCH The home of the future is intelligent. Automatic control of all lights, refrigerators that can tell, if you are out of milk, robotic vacuum cleaners, which will clean your floors, while you are at work. And now your curtains can also be intelligently controlled, if you [...] More
  • Aluproff LED gardinstænger

    Aluproff LED light

    The Aluproff LED light creates ambience, highlights your curtain fabric and serves both as a night light and security device. Aluproff LED can be added to most of our curtain tracks but the new Piet Hein Superellipse® curtain track has been designed specifically for the LED feature. Enhance your curtain fabric The LED highlights the [...] More
  • Choose the right curtain rod – 3 tips

    You have chosen the perfect curtain fabric and now you need the perfect rod to complement it. The right curtain rod can really make or break a room, and there are so many options: wood, metals, different styles, and a plethora of colours. Being curtain equipment experts, we would like to share 3 tips on [...] More