• Choose the right curtain rod – 3 tips

    You have chosen the perfect curtain fabric and now you need the perfect rod to complement it. The right curtain rod can really make or break a room, and there are so many options: wood, metals, different styles, and a plethora of colours. Being curtain equipment experts, we would like to share 3 tips on [...] More
  • Google Home


    The home of the future is intelligent. Automatic control of all lights, refrigerators that can tell, if you are out of milk, robotic vacuum cleaners, which will clean your floors, while you are at work. And now your curtains can also be intelligently controlled, if you combine them with an electric, motorized curtain track and [...] More

    In collaboration with Piet Hein Trading, Aluproff has created the first Piet Hein superellipse curtain track in the world. We are proud to be a part of continuing the Piet Hein legacy and his "poetic design".   Piet Heins famous Superellipse® has been used in town planning, construction and sport stadiums. Piet Hein also used [...] More
  • Heimtextil Trends 2020/21

    The 50th edition of the Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt, was a strong start to the new season. 63,000 visitors and 2,952 exhibitors came to the world's leading trade fair for home and contract textiles. Aluproff was there for the 35th time in a row, and we enjoyed presenting our new products and being inspired, e.g. at [...] More
  • 3 interior design trends we love

    There are a lot of trends this year, inspiring and inviting us to make changes and additions to our home interior. Here are 3 great trends - and 3 microtrends. 1/ SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Consumers are thinking more long-term than we have in the past, considering the ecological implications of our purchases. We are buying fewer, [...] More
  • 5 mistakes to avoid when hanging your curtains

    Hanging your curtains to perfectly match your window, room and style is ultimately a matter of personal taste. However, there are 5 common mistakes, which we would like for you to avoid. 1/Hanging your curtain rod too low Hanging curtains too low from the ceiling causes the room to compress as it visually shortens the [...] More

    It is now possible to buy beautiful and functional curtain tracks made of recycled aluminum with a record low CO2 footprint. As a step towards becoming a greener company, Aluproff launches a new collection of sustainable products under the name SUSTAIN. The first two products in the SUSTAIN collection are the curtain tracks 2001 CIRCAL [...] More
  • 12 tips for sustainable living

    If living a more sustainable lifestyle in 2021 is one of your new year resolutions, we offer you 12 tips below. Nobody expects you to do everything on the list, but you can use it as an inspiration, and maybe choose a few places to start. Even small steps can make a big difference. *** [...] More
  • Easter decorations on curtain tracks

    At the Summerbird organic chocolate store in Copenhagen, the windows have been decorated for Easter with hand-cut paper art by Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen. Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen is educated at the Danish School of Design in the clothings- line, but years ago she started making beautiful and organic paper art, which is now in demand all [...] More