Piet Hein portrait

The world’ s first Piet Hein superellipse curtain track

In collaboration with Piet Hein Trading, Aluproff has created the first superellipse curtain track in the world, using the famous Superellipse® design. With Piet Hein Trading, the son of Piet Hein, Hugo Hein, continues his famous father’s legacy and we are proud to be a part of this.


Piet Hein (1905-1996) was an architect, mathematician and poet. He was both known for his exclusive design products, often referred to as “poetic design”, and for his special short poems, called grooks.

Piet Hein decided to find an absolutely harmonious geometrical design by means of mathematics. His Superellipse® solved the double contrast between the circle/ ellipse and the square/rectangle.

The Superellipse® has been used in town planning, construction and sport stadiums.  Piet Hein also used it in some of his own, famous, design products.

The Piet Hein superellipse curtain track is the first track designed with the cross sectioned geometrical shape of the Superellipse®, adorned with the Piet Hein logo.

As an extra, exclusive feature, the curtain track has been designed to be combined with Aluproff’s innovative LED light. The LED highlights the beautiful curtain track – and your curtain fabric.

Unique, just like Piet Hein.

piet hein logo