Aluproff curtain tracks at A Place To

A place to


At A Place To in Esbjerg, Brandsborg Gardiner have created the most beautiful curtain design for the common areas with black Aluproff 2001 and 5001 rails. A Place To is a new co-living concept that offers a range of furnished apartments of various sizes for young people. As well as flexibility, cool facilities and community.

A Place To. 5001 as roomdivider
A Place To. 5001 as roomdivider with wave curtains
A Place To. 5001 with Aluproff milled 5001 tracks and curtain design by Brandsborg

Elegant roomdivider

The lounge at A Place To has soft sofas, cozy reading nooks, work tables and swings. Here, Brandsborg have created a separate space with a milled, black Aluproff 5001 rail. The large circular rail and the heavy, soft curtains create a separate space. A space, which can be opened up and closed off at your leisure.

5001 works perfectly with our 6035 wave roller glider, which creates beautiful ripples in the fabric. The waves reflect the light which falls from the ring of light above.

Many options

Our 5001 profile was originally designed for technical curtain solutions in hospitals and healthcare facilities. However, as the rail has a wide range of options for mounting, bending and milling, it is also popular for other purposes. For instance as a room divider, for ceiling curtains and for bathrooms.

The rail comes in the standard colors white, silver – and black which are chosen in this case. In addition, it can be delivered in all RAL colors for a surcharge.

A Place To. Window treatments and interior design
A Place To. 5001 with Aluproff tracks and curtain design by Brandsborg
A Place To. 5001 with Aluproff 2001 tracks and curtain design by Brandsborg

Amazing contrasts

In the common area Staytion, the most beautiful, orange curtains are carried by black Aluproff 2001 tracks. The black rails form a nice contrast to the raw walls and ceilings. And to the orange curtains in both block out and transparent fabric.

Profile 2001 is a discreet and stylish profile with a 4 mm gliding track. The very first 2001 edition was extruded back in 1983. It has since been one of our most popular curtain rails for both private and architects. 2001 is available in 5 standard colors, white, black, gold, silver and bronze. And like 5001, in all RAL colors at a surcharge.

See another great example of a milled 5001 rail

A Place To. black curtain tracks contrast with concrete wall
A Place To. 5001 with perfect waves