god akustik med gardiner

Acoustic curtains for Copenhagen agency


Noise can be a problem, especially when there is too much of it. Unfortunately, this often applies to rooms with large glass sections, or in open offices in places with hard materials, which create resonance and noise. An agency in Copenhagen solved their problems by choosing acoustic curtains from Almedahls  and 9001 curtain tracks from Aluproff. 

Grey curtains Almedahls

Beautiful surroundings, bad acoustics

In the center of Copenhagen, a creative agency is located in the old Turbinehallerne. A charming building with rustic frames, impressive ceiling height and original iron windows. But an architecture with acoustics that gave the agency many challenges: It was almost impossible to talk on the phone, hold meetings or invite clients to visit.

The office area is separated from the large kitchen by a wrought-iron wall with windows. An industrial solution that matches the historical framework, but which in no way improves acoustics. But Aluproff found an aesthetic and responsible solution to the problems.

9001 is the name of the round curtain track from Aluproff. It matches the look  of the black iron partitions, and more or less blends in with the wall. With its round shape, the 9001 looks like a classic curtain rod but has the curtain rail functionality: With low-noise gliders and Aluproff’s Perfect Wave solution, the voluminous curtain that spans  floor to ceiling moves easily. And has beautiful, even ripple folds, and thus an elegant and exclusive look.



The curtain is the Oeko-tex woven Haze from Almedahls, which with its soft texture most of all resembles coarse woven linen. It has The Five Zero Green certificate;  an environmental protection program which makes it transparent for anyone to see the impact of weaving and dyeing on the environment and the CO2 emissions.

The round curtain track and the elegant fabric have added a beautiful softness to the rustic surroundings – and created peace and quiet!

Photo: Pernille Greve