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THE FUTURE IS PRESENT is a new exhibition designed by Spacon & X and curated by Pernille Stockmarr.

Since 2019, Design Museum Danmark has been undergoing a major renovation of its historic building. The museum recently reopened, with 8 new exhibitions. one of these being THE FUTURE IS PRESENT.

Our businesspartner Merkur Gardiner created the curtains for Spacon & X for the exhibition.  And Aluproff was asked to bend the rails in a radius we had not tried before!

Design Museum Danmark


Spacon & X has chosen to use a number of different textiles throughout the exhibition. The textiles create tactility and function both as room dividers and set the stage for the different spaces. The textiles vary from transparent paper lit by neon, to natural wool in several layers. Over organic cotton and shiny silver drapes that sway and twist from the ceilings.

Mercur gave advise on the sewing, mounting and on selecting the right tracks.

Gardiner på designmuseum Danmark 5001 silver
Gardiner på designmuseum Danmark, 5001 silver


The choice of rail fell on AP 5001 in silver for all spaces. A new challenge for us was that the 5001 rails in a certain area had to be bent in radius 6 to match the design from Spacon & X. We had not tried this before, but we succeeded.

All tracks were mounted in aluminum rails from wall to wall, as no drilling is allowed in the ceilings of the protected heritage building. Spacon & X wanted to create a look where the curtain tracks seem to float in the air. They were therefore mounted with ceiling supports and steel wire, respectively. All tracks are carefully positioned so that they have the same distance to the floor.

montering i lofstøtte og wire af 5001
buk af 5001 på Designmuseum Danmark
5001 bukket on monteret med wire

From the start, it was clear to Merkur Gardiner that this was an unusual project. Fortunately, Merkur has 45 years of experience with curtains and the wishes of Spacon & X were fulfilled. The result speaks for itself: It’s an absolutely amazing exhibit.

skarpe buk på 5001


What does the future look like and what does design look like in the future?

Both the choices we make and the design which is currently created, will shape our future. The exhibition THE FUTURE IS PRESENT asks the spectator what world we would like to live in. And what good design is in the futurre

The challenges and opportunities are many and the exhibition gives the visitor an opportunity to wonder and reflect on what future we want. 

THE FUTURE IS PRESENT can be seen until June1st,  2023 at Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade 68, 1260 Copenhagen. 

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Gardindesign på design museum Danmark
Spacon & X med Merkur, 5001 silver


Spacon & X, (short for Spatial Conversion & Cross-functionalism) is a Copenhagen based design and architectural studio. Spacon & X works with everything from product design, to spatial interior design, to major construction projects, as well as the development of concepts and ideas.

Spacon & X was founded in 2014 by architect Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen and scenographic designer and advertising producer Svend Jacob Pedersen. Architect Malene Hvidt joined as a partner in 2015.

Spacon & X houses 20 employees with a variety of backgrounds, from architects and interior designers to design engineers.

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tesktiler som filmlærred på designmuseum Danmark

Photo: Pernille Greve, Text: Aluproff, Sources: Merkur Gardiner, Desigmuseum Danmark, Spacon & X.