SUPERFLEX et femårigt projekt på på Kunsthaus Graz i Østrig.
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner



Last year, the Danish artist group SUPERFLEX created the large exhibition “Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami” at Kunsthaus Graz in Austria. Our talented collaborators Bolig-Art created the curtains for the work “Like A Force Of Nature”, and recommended Aluproff rails to carry the impressive installation.

5 værker af SUPERFLEX
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner
Super flex i Graz
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner


In 2017, the artist group SUPERFLEX started > a five-year project at Kunsthaus Graz in Austria. During this period, a new artwork has been installed every year. The cycle ended with a comprehensive solo exhibition entitled Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami .


Bolig -Art produced the beautiful curtains for SUPERFLEX’s exhibition and for the artwork “Like A Force Of Nature”. When a solution had been made on the textiles, Aluproff was contacted. We then delivered a total of about 150 meters of milled AP 5001 curtain tracks in white, which were suspended by wire in the huge room.

15 meter skinne til SUPERFLEX’ udstilling
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner


Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami consists of visually impressive works, which the spectator can move in between. They show the dizzying nature of the economy and expand our notions of community. In the exhibition, capitalism appears as a floating force that seeps into all the cracks and corners of the world. The curtain rails and textiles create labyrinths and shapes and spaces, all of which are connected to the theme.

Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami på Kunsthaus Graz
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner
SUPEFLEX og Bolig-Art gardiner
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner
Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner


The rails were packed to perfection for the journey from Brøndby to Graz.

For the long rails, we created a lined transportation box, where all profiles were separately marked so that on arrival it was clear how to assemble them.

In addition, we sent a spare-part box fixed in the transport box with velcro. Thus, it remained in the same place during transport to Austria, but was still mobile when all the spare parts had to be assembled.

Aluproff specialbygget trabsportkasse til SUPERFLEX
Aluproff specialbygget transportkasse
SUPERFLEX kunstværk
Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner


SUPERFLEX was founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen and Rasmus Rosengren Nielsen. SUPERFLEX has consistently worked with a wide range of partners, from gardeners to engineers to audience members. Read more about SUPERFLEX here.


Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/Martin Grabner


Exhibition: Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami

Year: 2021

Institution: Kunsthaus Graz

Textiles: Bolig-Art

Curtain tracks: Aluproff