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Since 1949 – the story about Aluproff.

Over 70 years with premium quality products, innovation and functionality. From a one-man, home based business, to a company with customers worldwide, and 5000 square meter production space. From selling blinds out of a small shop, to becoming the biggest curtain equipment provider in Scandinavia.



Aluproff was founded in 1949 by Preben Stilling-Petersen under the name Stila, and in 1951, the business had outgrown his home basement and Preben opened a small shop, with production in the back.
The company was constantly thriving, expanding and developing new designs. Thus, Preben invented and manufactured the first wave glider back in 1969 (only he called it the “space glider”).

After Preben’s untimely death in 1970, his oldest son Ole stepped in to run the company. Soon after, Ole’s two brothers, Anders and Henrik also started working at Stila. Their product portfolio contained both sun shading devices and curtain equipment.

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In 1983, the company launched its first professional curtain track series and since then many new types and models have been created, and many patents obtained.

The company became more and more international over the years and the export sales were rising. In 1992, the export revenue was higher than the domestic – and most export customers from the 90s are still customers today.

In 2014, the company was divided into a sun shading department and a curtain equipment department, under the name Aluproff.

In 2016 the sun shading department, and the name Stila, was sold, and Aluproff was expanded.


In 2018, the ownership of Aluproff passed to Ole Stilling Petersen’s son, Rasmus Stilling-Petersen, and to Ole’s stepson, Thomas Trads Hansen.

Both have been part of the company’s management team for over 14 years, and both continue their grandfather’s legacy of innovation, craftmanship and design with a passion for high quality, aesthetics and functionality.

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