At Aluproff, we are very conscious about our social and environmental responsibility and we aim to be a driving force for positive change.

As part of working with responsible consumption and production we have reached an important milestone with the launch of a continously growing sustainable curtain equipment product series under the name “SUSTAIN”. 

All products labelled with our SUSTAIN logo are made from more sustainable materials, ethically manufactured, produced with lower CO2 emissions and are fully recyclable. This is our future. 


Sustain logo sort
2005 CIRCAL® in the colour Green Leaf
2005 CIRCAL® in the colour Green Leaf
2001 Circal hos Helle Flou
2001 CIRCAL® in white


Our 2001 CIRCAL® and 2005 CIRCAL® tracks are sustainable versions of our marketleading classics.

Both tracks are extruded in Sweden by Norsk Hydro and are made of minimum 75% post-consumer aluminium. This results in a lower CO2 footprint of 2.3 kg per kg. aluminium extruded – which in perspective is 73% less than that of the average primary aluminium consumed in Europe.* 

Since our launch of 2001 and 2005 CIRCAL® last year, seven more CIRCAL® tracks have followed and several more are in development. Read more below.

*Source: IAI, EAA, Norsk Hydro


The latest advancements within our SUSTAIN program is within our accessories range. New accessories have been designed in 100% recycled materials for the limited edition version colours of our 2005 CIRCAL® track, Green Leaf and Coastal Blue from Jotun Lady.

Thus, we now offer the first complete curtain track in partially and completely reused materials: A rail made of Hydro CIRCAL® 75R aluminium and a bracket, glider and end cap made of 100 % reused nylon. You can read more in the SUSTAIN folder.

More accessories will join soon.

complete SUSTAIN track
2005 CIRCAL® in Coastal Blue
Colour Worlds grønne 2001 gardinskinner
Aluproff farver på 2005 skinner
Aluproff speciallakerede skinner
Colour Worlds blå 2005 CIRCAL gardinskinner

Hydro CIRCAL® 75R aluminium consists of min. 75% recycled (end-of-life)  and max. 25% primary aluminium.

It is extruded by Norsk Hydro in Vetlanda, Sweden, using renewable energy only.

CO2 emissions are a record low 2.3 kg. per. kg. aluminium.

Hydro CIRCAL is DNV GL and epd® certified.

The CIRCAL® range comprises 9 curtain tracks produced in Hydro CIRCAL 75R®:

2001®, 2005 ® and 5408 CIRCAL® have already been launched.

2668 CIRCAL®,2694 CIRCAL®, 2690 CIRCAL®, 1005 CIRCAL®, 1200 CIRCAL® and 1300 CIRCAL® are in production, meaning the extrusion machines at Hydro are ready for the next batches.

Furthermore we are currently developing additional tracks in CIRCAL® versions: Our popular AP 0502, AP1100 and AP 9001. 4034 bracket, 4050 glider and art. no. 4087 end cap are made in 100% recycled nylon.

They are manufactured in Lynge, Denmark, using renewable energy only.

More accessories will follow shortly.

The SUSTAIN product series is our way of guiding you in choosing product with lesser environmental impact.

With CO2 emissions of only 2.3 kg per kg. aluminium extruded, the aluminium used for our CIRCAL® tracks emits arounds 73% less CO2 than the average primary aluminium consumed in Europe.

Additionally, it is estimated that for every kg. of plastic we recycle into new products, we save the environment from between 2.1 and 2.6 kg. of CO2 emitted.

Since 1949, Aluproff has delivered custom-made curtain solutions from its own factory in Denmark, where large parts of the range continue to be assembled and finished by hand.  We are Scandinavia’s largest supplier of curtain equipment with exports to 55 countries worldwide.

Based on 4 of the UN climate goals, we work in a structured way to reduce our negative impacts on the environment and at the same time strengthen our positive contribution to sustainable development. We want to create a healthy and sustainable workplace and at the same time minimize our environmental footprint with sustainable green initiatives. We call this Purposeful Growth.


Since 1949, Aluproff has been creating innovative curtain equipment to the highest standards of craftsmanship and design.

In recent years, we have committed ourselves fully to running a circular and responsible business. We do this, among other things, by creating long-lasting products, an increasing part of these in the SUSTAIN series, and by integrating what we call Purposeful Growth throughout our value chain.



Our work with Purposeful Growth

The SUSTAIN products are just one of many initiatives. We have adopted 4 of the UN SDG’s as the foundation of our work with the philosophy we call ”Purposeful Growth”.  


Helle Flou
2001 CIRCAL® in a private home

“.. That I could also get sustainable curtain rails was a positive surprise. Needless to say those were my choice ” Helle Flou, architect and interior designer.


Hydro circal 2005
2005 CIRCAL® colours and materials

We have chosen two new limited edition colours for the popular 2005 CIRCAL® rail, created in the new, innovative Hydro CIRCAL® aluminium with a record low CO2 emission.