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    In collaboration with Piet Hein Trading, Aluproff has created the first Piet Hein superellipse curtain track in the world. We are proud to be a part of continuing the Piet Hein legacy and his "poetic design".   Piet Heins famous Superellipse® has been used in town planning, construction and sport stadiums. Piet Hein also used [...] More
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    The home of the future is intelligent. Automatic control of all lights, refrigerators that can tell, if you are out of milk, robotic vacuum cleaners, which will clean your floors, while you are at work. And now your curtains can also be intelligently controlled, if you combine them with an electric, motorized curtain track and [...] More
  • Aluproff LED gardinstænger

    Aluproff LED light

    The Aluproff LED light creates ambience, highlights your curtain fabric and serves both as a night light and security device. Our new Piet Hein Superellipse® curtain track has been designed specifically for the LED feature. Enhance your curtain fabric The LED highlights the folds and ripples in your curtain, which uniquely enhances the beauty of [...] More
  • Choose the right curtain rod – 3 tips

    You have chosen the perfect curtain fabric and now you need the perfect rod to complement it. The right curtain rod can really make or break a room, and there are so many options: wood, metals, different styles, and a plethora of colours. Being curtain equipment experts, we would like to share 3 tips on [...] More