The Piet Hein Superellipse Curtain Track

The Piet Hein Superellipse Curtain Track, AP 1905, comes as a complete set,

with our unique ball bearing gliders art. 8020, 12 pcs. per meter, as well as hooks,  end caps, and art. no. 1910 ceiling brackets. You also can choose wave gliders and LED light as an add on.

The Piet Hein Superellipse curtain track has a dedicated LED groove, to be combined with our innovative LED light. This both prevents the band from falling out and at the same time allows the use of wavegliders, as the string in these will not get stuck in the LED band.

The track is available in 5 unique colors, all of which matches Piet Hein’s Superellipse Table: Snow, Midnight, Stone, Brushed Steel, Sand.